(De)Composition for

Studies on Duality

This is the second embodiment of Studies on Duality, a multichannel minimalistic composition that reflects on the possibilities of non-western technical relations with the universe, nature and society.

Centuries ago, the Mapuche people, one of many Abya Yala inhabitants, transducted their beliefs and knowledge about the universe into a drum. Since then, the sound making act performed with this drum has conducted the becoming of their spiritual relations with the cosmos, nature and themselves. This beat, a discontinuous reality, manifests a continuous flux of relations through its repetition, unveiling a field of possibilities that resist the normativities structured by colonialism.
In a gesture inspired by cosmologists who decomposed relic radiation to unveil the past of the early universe, this installation decomposed the discontinuity of the beat into a multichannel representation of continuous sinusoidal signals which creates a field of possibilities for the emergence of rhythmic patterns in space. This enables people to engage with space by means of their own subjectivity, and invites them to explore a non-dualistic perspective of sound making in the performativity of listening.

Din-dim is a shape in which (De)Composition for (Re)Combination can unfold. It is the same process of beat synthesis based on sinewaves, but used for the realization of the score entitled Dim-din.