a glass comes to its beginning and
its end carrying violent and rough sounds.
In-between, delicacy and fragility, almost nothing.
we can observe and feel with our touch.
A glass reveals its finite form,
discontinuity disconnected of all other things
that are not the glass.
Feedback resonance,
the sound of interiority beyond the limits,
temporal relation with itself.
Continuity and discontinuity, time and space.
The persistent becoming of the glass.

Empty When Full is the first embodiment Studies on Duality, a minimalist composition that invites you to experience dualities of a system of accumulation incapable of regulating itself, and speculates on its self-destruction

At first glance, a glass reveals to us as an inanimate and fragile object through its finite form disconnected from all other things that are not the glass, which we can observe and feel with our touch. But we could also access its interioriority and history, its materiality and how it came to be, through its sound, its resonance, through a temporal relation which allows us to access its continuity. The glass temporal-spatial reality comes to existence and its end through a rough event or process carrying violent sounds, in contrast with the delicacy and fragility of its silent in-between. This is a duality to which all individuals are subject, continuity and discontinuity, time and space.

Time-space and fragility-violence are the dualities brought into play in a feedback scheme that manifests the relationship between structure and operation through the resonant continuity of a discontinuous body, a composition whose indeterminate duration exists between infinity and the destruction of the system. Each iteration of this composition must be contextualized for the specificity of the space where it will be installed. For a number of modules above two units, the system has to be carefully calibrated in advance. The “set into relation” of the modules, and the multiplicity of a system of modules as a whole, can be performed in the space to later leave the piece to be finished by contingency