Can our senses help us to understand and make sense of low-dimensional representations of complex data? Which kind of experiences would be better suited for our senses in this endeavor? And could those experiences shape the future development of such low-dimensional representations?

Non-Fake Times is a series of immersive media art pieces about the meaning-making possibilities of real-time generated low-dimensional manifolds. Aiming to shape immersive aesthetic experiences and evoke the scientific gesture of making sense of the inner complexity of the brain, the works fundamentally explore the use of new sonification and visualization processes informed by real-time algorithms created by Memming Park Lab at Champalimaud Center For The Unknown.

Overparameterized Time

It is an immersive audiovisual piece which, departing from analog and digital materialities that shaped the history of computational neuroscience, sets in motion a narrative that blends into the becoming of a real-time computational process, navigating its different scales of experience and degrees of representation.

Manifold Time

It is an interactive installation that explores our relation with space as a creative gesture by transducing human presence and simple pattern movements into a spatial audio-visual experience, transforming the space into a collective system with the possibility of self-organization.

2024.05.16-18     Metamersion: Healing Algorithms, Champalimaud Warehouse, Lisbon.
2024.03.05           Cosyne 2024, Champalimaud Warehouse, Lisbon.

Creation, concept, direction, video edition, spatial sound & light design
Nico Espinoza
Creation & concept
Il Memming Park
Generative Data Visualization
Hyungju Jeon
Gabor Filter Code and Video Rendering
Ábel Ságodi
Suia Ferlauto

Project funded by Champalimaud Centre For The Unkown