Solid State

Italian-chilean electronic music duo formed by Davide Luciani and Nico Espinoza in Berlin , early 2020. Quantum Glissando is the result of their join experimental aproach of mutual closed feedback system and self built analog and digital instruments.

Pictures by Emanuele Porcinai

Quantum Glissando (2022)

Release date TBA

1. In accordance to the now
2. In accordance to time
3. Material forces
4. Re-routing
5. Oedipus’s eyes
6. Diluted magnitude
7. A first movement
8. Alexandria
9. Seeking space
10. Quantum Glissando

Music by Davide Luciani (electronics) and Nico Espinoza (electronics).
Recorded in Berlin in between 2020-2021 by Davide Luciani.
Post production and mixed by Davide Luciani.



The forms that structure our perception of the sonic emerge simultaneously with our perception, without the need for a Idée fixe. To access the entire field of possibilities that a sonic experience presents to us, we need to accept the multiplicity of forms beyond hegemonic categorizations and formal reductions of the organizing intelect.

The performativity of a technical reality that does not differentiate between beat and pitch, sliding between continuity and discontinuity with consistent presence and force, provides the ground for a dynamic
network of intricate recursions and relations, allowing the becoming of Sound from the noisy communication regime between its material forces and the performers.